Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Men of Beta Team

The Scoop on Beta Team

Readers of The Kingmaker Chronicles know our heroine, Catalia Fisa, pretty well by now. We’ve been in her head for about 850 pages, after all! We get her thoughts along with her actions—and plenty of snark and sassy sarcasm to boot. But what about the men of Beta Team? Our story never shifts into any point of view other than Cat’s, so my challenge as a writer is to show readers what Griffin and his faithful warriors are thinking and feeling by relating only what Cat sees and perceives.

I thought it might be fun to give you a little more insight into the members of Cat’s loyal group. Who are these men underneath the surface? What do they not show Cat, or only slowly open up about? To dive deeper into the men of Beta Team, I created these quick character descriptions that give a little insider information on their personalities—and maybe even some hints about the future. I hope you enjoy!

Griffin: Of course, we know Griffin the best. He’s open and honest with Cat, wears his heart on his sleeve and in his eyes, and the moment he saw her, his entire world focused on Cat. But Griffin doesn’t just become an extension of the woman he loves, although Cat’s powerful personality could probably make that happen with any partner other than one who is also so thoroughly Alpha. What makes Griffin unique is that he stands up for what he believes, even if that means taking Cat to task, and he boosts her toward greatness rather than trying to shine himself. Along with the tall, dark, and handsome trifecta of total swoonworthiness, Griffin’s loyalty, maturity, and selflessness make him the ideal partner for Cat.

Carver: Griffin’s brother Carver is a lean, quick, sinewy swordsman without match. Family comes first for him, and that means being Griffin’s right-hand man instead of branching out on his own. He makes jokes at the dinner table to keep everyone in good spirits and protects his sisters at all costs. In fact, he’s even more overprotective than Griffin when it comes to the women in his life, which can make for some awkward tension with his younger sisters. But under the flirty, fun exterior Carver shows us at first, there’s something brewing, something destructive to his loyal heart. When past betrayals come to light, Carver is going to have to show us the kind of man he really is: the kind who folds, or the kind who fights.

Flynn: Flynn is the quintessential good guy. He’ll stand up for the underdog; he’ll put his friends first; and he’ll fight for the people he loves and for what he thinks is right. But underneath his auburn-haired good looks, easy manner, even-keeled nature, and warrior’s brawn, we slowly discover a man who is actually very emotionally closed off. When it comes to the woman in his life—or rather not really in his life—he can’t seem to open himself up enough to understand his own feelings, let alone hers. But as we know, still waters run deep. Flynn feels more powerfully than even he realizes, which means there’s a flood in the making for our faithful member of Beta Team.

Kato: With his sunny nature, Adonis-like good looks, and passionate loyalty to his friends, and especially to Cat, it’s impossible not to love Kato. While he could clearly have any lady he wants (and isn’t without experience in that domain), as Cat and Griffin’s mission moves forward, Kato’s only focus is on helping his friends. The sibling-like affection and loyalty he and Cat develop is a defining relationship for them both—and the strongest bond in The Kingmaker Chronicles outside of Cat and Griffin’s love. Kato proves himself to be just what our heroine needs when she gets lost in the dark. Because sometimes it’s not the touch of a lover that keeps a person from falling apart, it’s the simple reassurance of a true friend.

Here's a fun flow chart to help you choose your own Beta Team guy! Enjoy!